Group shit at Canyon de ChelleyWelcome to the Awakening Tribe site!

We are honored to have you join us. We are a group of people who come together to share time, stories, and adventures.  Our teachers are the “not-in-forms” we know as Peter and the 12 Many Friends. Through their guidance, we have traveled to places for ceremony, most notably to AWAKEN, TURN ON, AND RECONNECT Earth Grid structures known as Pyramids and Mounds. “Why us,” we have often asked.  The Teachers respond, “You are the ones who disconnected, put to sleep, and hid them, so why not you?” Hope you will join us in these adventures, travel with us as we journey both in form and with the Green Mist – “to infinity and beyond.”

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October 2012: Gathering of the Ways, Key Largo, Coral Castle

We are being summoned by Spirit to journey to south Florida to locate megalithic stone structures – both on land and under water.  The awakening of these and their reconnecting to Earth Mother’s grid completes a cycle that began in the finding, awakening, and connecting of the Pyramids of the Four Corners, U.S., and the Serpent Mound (with all it’s fellow Mounds worldwide) some 12 years ago. Bringing all the megalithic structures on-line as we continue to move through the Galactic alignment

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Chaco Canyon, 1998

Chaco Canyon, 1998, by Lassiter

I go to the Gathering of the Ways in Chaco Canyon with excitement, anticipation, and a lot of anxiety… Continue reading

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Enchanted Rock, 10-19-02

GRANITE ENERGY, TIME TRAVEL AND PARALLEL WORLDS: The 12 Many Friends say, ”First of all, we want to tell you of some things about your upcoming trip, your journey to the place of the Magical Granite. It will give you knowings about the flow of this strong energy. The Granite Energy is not only found in rocks by that name, but is used to describe a Field of Energy that is common throughout your world and all the worlds beyond. It is often considered the connecting energy in the Parallel Worlds. It is very strong and sturdy and can withstand what you and your stories would describe as great distances through time and space. Since it has such great strength it is used in many of your stories. Continue reading

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Odyssey to Enchanted Rock, TX, 11-11-11

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!
In 3 weeks, we will be “easin’ on down the road”…”followin’ the Yellow Brick Road,” heading for the magical Enchanted Rock, setting up camp sites, preparing the “Space” and awaiting the magical 11-11-11. If you have never been to the Enchanted Rock State Park, TX or if it has been a long time since you were there, here are some web links you might enjoy: Continue reading

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Return of the Serpent, Gathering of the Ways, 6-23-11

An invitation is being extended to join us at Serpent Mound, Ohio, as we Gather the “Ways” June 23-26,2011. These remaining days in the Old World are calling us to celebrate and do ceremony as we re-power the Mound structures around the globe. Whatever Myth, Metaphor, or Magic best describes your

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White Box Ceremony 2011

We will be gathering for our White Box Ceremony in a few days. This is one of those very important times when we can identify and merge “Who-We-Are” and truly connect with the Tribe Awakening! Even if you can’t join us in person, join us in Spirit. Here are some guide-lines for you if you want create your own White Box Ceremony. Continue reading

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Perchance to Dream: the 4th pyramid

I thought I was awake. The feel of the wind on my face was cold. How could I sleep with the wind so cold? While I was trying to figure out where I was and what was happening, I heard the familiar voice of Peter — the one I call Teacher — telling me to put all my effort into “Noticing.” Continue reading

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Pyramids of the 4 Corners, 2010

Mar 16th, 2010 by Kay

AN ODYSSEY OF SERVICE AND TRANSFORMATION: We were told about Pyramids in the 4 Corners area some 15 years ago. It took us a few years, but eventually the Awakening Tribe began a series of important journeys: Re-Powering and Re-connecting these “marvelous generators”…or so went the description of Peter and the 12 Many Friends. Continue reading

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Dear friend, Sage, balances energy

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