The Gathering Of The Ways

The Gathering of the Ways is an annual event where Awakening Tribe members and friends from near and far gather together to do ceremony and celebrate where we are on our paths as pioneers in consciousness. It usually lasts for several days, and may include an initiation or activities of some sort whereby we delve deeper into the mysteries of Being.

Past Gatherings have been in:

Peru, with the purpose of opening the chambers of the heart of the Earth;
Alaska, to gently awaken the backbone of the Earth manifesting as the mountains there. We also introduced ourselves to many wild animal friends.

The Davis Mountains, Texas, on 2 separate occasions. During the most recent trip there, we did ceremony under a spectacular night sky that included the planet Mercury and comet Hale-Bopp.

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, where we opened ourselves to truly experiencing No-Time and the possibilities that come with that knowing.

Canyon deChelly, Arizona, where we located the second pyramid and awakened it’s Spirit

Mesa Verde, Colorado. The last two pyramids were located on this trip. The ceremony to connect and turn on the four structures created the base for a “pyramid” extending far into Earth Mother and reaching high up to Sky Father. All this, we were told, is to prepare for the times to come.

Enchanted Rock, Texas. Here, we held our annual ceremony, camped, and hiked through gentle and rough undeveloped terrain that includes many trees, spectacular wind-carved granite boulders, quartz outcroppings, and stream beds of pink granite gravel.

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