Sharing the Vision

Sharing the Vision: A Status Report

Many of you have heard me tell the story of the retreat center I see in visions:

A Solar Powered Sea Plane lands on a river (could be a lake). A group of people get out and walk up a hill to a strikingly beautiful complex of buildings with gardens, trees, rolling hills, grass, and animals all around.

I’ve seen this so often, I’m quite familiar with its appearance. My feeling is that this is a “Sanctuary” kind of place where people come to learn and grow and be healed; that it is staffed by a group of permanent residents and honored by guest teachers and healers who visit often.

I’ve had this vision for almost my whole life and, since I used to say I was going to live in the Southwest when I grew up, I guess I had a notion of WHERE it would be located. What I didn’t know was WHEN it would be, and HOW TO make it happen.

Fast forward to the 1990’s…

The Awakening Tribe, a group of spiritually savvy students, is born and named so appropriately by Jim Bonine. As the Community or Tribe was going through the growing pains of finding its identity, I was looking to the vision of the Sanctuary Center and trying to decipher next steps. With the advent of the website, Awakening Tribe.Org, the community expanded to those “multi-mensional” virtual reality realms. All life now belonged to the Awakening Tribe… it’s just that some didn’t know it yet. We established ourselves as a “church” to achieve a legal status, but we were still not at the Sanctuary Center with the beautiful buildings I had seen so many times.

At the dawning of the new millenium, I began a personal odyssey to see if my work here was complete, to see if I had taken the vision as far as I could. I won’t bore you with the details, but when I began to seek answers, an abundance of assistance and an enormous outpouring of resources suddenly appeared! The answer came loud and clear… I had not gone as far as I could on this path. So, I decided to come up with a PLAN:

The Awakening Tribe would need certain things in order to blossom into the Sanctuary Center:

1. We would need a handful of people to volunteer to define and refine the vision, hold the vision, and work to give birth to the vision.

2. We would need a strong Production Company to continue to collect the teachings, find ways to distribute them, to become energetically/financially self-sufficient and provide support functions for the Sanctuary.

3. We would need various practical applications (for Mind, Body and Spirit) developed for assisting others in putting the information we have accumulated into action in their lives.

Let’s look at that third idea. When Donna Belk wrote THE 24 LITTLE EXERCISES, I took notice. But when she began collecting the Green Mist Journeys and recording them, I began to see that the 30 + years of accumulated material really could be put into formats easy to use in one’s life! My next step was to move into the realization that the ideas from Peter and the 12 Many Friends could not only assist life in “becoming,” but could also assist in creating the Sanctuary Center.

Now let’s look at the second idea. The has come on line as an outlet for the production and distribution of materials collected for over 30 years. The hope here is to stimulate participation and study group – community- formation. The recent trip to Colorado Springs is an example. We have invitations to other places — mostly at the request of those who have studied with or are familiar with Peter and who want to make group/community connections through the study of his ideas. If the production end can become self-sufficient in 5 years (i.e. provide the funds needed to collect and distribute the information), we will be on our way. Thanks to a lot of time spent teaching me about computers, I am actually having fun arranging and rearranging web page items. And thanks to a lot of time spent processing me about the “Market Place,” I have begun to value — in a way I never did before — the importance and the depth of the teachings of Peter, the 12 Many Friends and their sometimes unusual guest speakers.

Let’s look at the first item above. People, in form, are the key to it all. People who are willing to share the vision even if their life stories, beliefs, and paths are different. And for this group of people, I came up with a list (albeit limited) of next steps:

Volunteers in communication with each other share ideas on the Sanctuary concept.

  • A volunteer Board of Directors adopts a clear mission statement, writes Articles of Incorporation, and elects officers.
  • Application to the IRS for 501-C status (non-profit, tax-deductible) for the governing Sanctuary Foundation.
    Volunteers operating Fund-Raising functions, collecting donations, and submitting grant applications to begin construction of Sanctuary Center.
  • Creating artwork for media publications.
  • Collecting original music to use in Green Mist CD’s and various video productions.
  • Finding a Distributor for our materials.
  • Gobs of other stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

I was asked recently about how I saw the distribution of labor on a particular project. I said, “How about I do the channeling and you do the rest.” I didn’t get away that easy then and don’t expect to this time. Alas, my role in all this is much more involved than that. While the tasks seem overwhelming at times, slowly but surely things are coming together.

It is times like these I wish I were an artist so I could paint you a picture of the place in my vision. There are classrooms for stimulating and informing the mind, a healing “spa” for nurturing the body, and amazing places for SILENCE. There are gardens and playgrounds and music everywhere! The Earth smells so sweet and the Sky is so fresh and clear. And on… and on… and on… I see this as a “model” for Sanctuary Centers to be built in every village, town and city in the world! What a wonderful way to “sound” harmony and diversity simultaneously!

You have moved through my vision with me and I thank you. Your opinions, ideas, thoughts, wishes, and prayers are extremely important to me. Hope this helps in clarifying the Sanctuary Center, the Awakening Tribe and While there are challenges ahead, the blessings of clear vision and of heart felt commitment are at hand.

Perhaps we will finally do in this world of ours, something we were taught to do many years ago in the Green Mist …build Sanctuary!

Article by Kay-Lucette-Meru