12 Steps

Twelve Steps For Blissfully Happy People

I Know Or Am Coming To Know That:

  1. I AM
  2. Energy IS
  3. I AM Energy IS
  4. What I have going for me IS
  5. Through My Proclaimings I am FREE
  6. ALL Action is rooted in JOY and PASSION
  7. ALL Perception is a Marvelous Opportunity to Create with FREE WILL
  8. REALITY is structured to PROVIDE WHAT I WANT
  9. RELATING is the Highest Demonstration of FREE WILL
  10. As I express SELF as Unconditional LOVE and Amazing, Divine GRACE, ALL Creations are Handled
  11. When I CHOOSE to Surrender the Bondage Of Separateness, I BECOME WE and WE BECOME ONE
  12. Through Our Becoming, we are Awakening to our Truth We Are Transcending