2011, Serpent Mound

Gathering of The Ways:Return of the Serpent, June 23-26, 2011
Feb 25th, 2011 by Kay
Announcing… the Gathering of The Ways: Return of the Serpent, at Serpent Mound, Ohio, June 23-26, 2011. Whatever Myth, Metaphor, or Magic best describes your “Way,” plan on joining us as we re-power the Mounds, and integrate these powerful constructs with the Pyramids of the Four Corners.

In my recent meditations, I’ve come to know just how outside “Cause and Effect” these structures are. History would have us believe that each generation has its rise and then its inevitable fall. You can’t get a more “Cause and Effect” explanation than that. We are taught that Civilizations rose to greatness and then met with some disaster and had to start all over again. What if all the so-called ancient civilizations are in a state of “waiting?” What if all the Begin-Times stories, all the accounts of the Great Flood, for example, and even the sometimes prophetic tales of the End-Times found among the legends of various people are waiting for a final telling that will re-join, re-power the true destiny of “what it is to be Human?” What if these are the times for extraordinary change, of coming together, and we are the ones given the opportunity to merge, join together, re-power all the blips on the Time Line of Human History! We are, indeed, the ones we’ve been waiting for!

So, whether you are from Hopi Snake Clan, related to Peru’s Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, have ridden on Pharaonic Egypt’s winged serpent, or have played the music of DNA in Atlantis, we invite you to come play with us as we Gather the Ways into the Oneness that is our calling! Mark your calendars and prepare for an amazing adventure.

More about Serpent Mound…
Mar 17th, 2011 by Kay
“South of the great fresh water sea,in a land called ‘O-hi-yo’ by Native Americans, is the largest effigy mound in North America.” Thus begins the story of the Great Serpent Mound in Brad Olsen’s book, Sacred Places North America 108 Destinations. Like the Nazca Lines of Peru, it’s extensive size is better seen from the air. No one knows for sure who constructed this largest snake effigy in the world nor why they did so. No evidence of any people ever living in the area has been found — not a pot chard, not any human or animal remains, nothing.

We do know that the Serpent Mound is configured in such a way as to predict the spring and fall Equinoxes, the summer solstice sunrise, and an alignment with Polaris, the North Star. We are beginning to understand the importance of Snake as both symbol and portal, and, we know the Great Serpent Mound was and is undoubtedly a most scared place. The 12 Many Friends, No-Name Wisdom, and perhaps other teachers will have more to say about this no doubt.

I found the Hopi story of the Great Serpent Mound most interesting. They call it, Tokchii, the Guardian of the East, and say it was built in appreciation by those escaping the Great Deluge to the East. The mass migration from the Flood (of Atlantis – yes, some came to North America) is described by the Hopi as the “Third Emergence” which was led by Pahana, the “White Brother.” Thus the snake is considered the Spirit of Regeneration and the Snake Clan still wear and use sea shells in ceremony commemerating this.

There are still parts of this mystery for us to play with as we travel to Serpent Mound in June: Was it constructed over a giant crater — believed to be larger than the crater in Arizona — left by an asteroid or meteor? Is there a connection between the large iridium deposits under the effigy and Ley Lines across North America? What will happen when we re-power this sacred site and connect it to the Brothers and Sisters around the Earth? And, how will such things as the impending Pole Shift, the return of Nibiru, the Great Cleansing, and the expansion of Energy be impacted? Many things are to be explore indeed.

Hope you are planning to join us on this adventure. We will be staying at the Hope Springs Institute From Thursday, June 23 – Sunday, June 26, 2011. And if you cannot join us in person, join us in Spirit.