Consciousness 101

4 March 1999, 7:30 p.m.

This session was organized as the first of a possible series of Peter sessions on tape. It has a somewhat different “flow” as a result. If you would be interested in getting a tape of this session contact for information.

Harris: Good Evening Peter

Peter: Good Evening and welcome to those of you in form and those not in form. We understand you have a program for us to follow. Who would like to be the brave soul to explain that us?

Harris: You heard it Peter, press on. Righteousness 101 is the topic for the evening, beyond that, you are on your way.

Peter: We appreciate your efforts and we applaud them. We welcome your input always, not only on this occasion but on others as well. If you want to speak of consciousness, we will do that. We are assuming that you do not want to start too elementary a level lest it take month or years we believe was the expression.

We will start and then you may give some input if it is at an inappropriate spot.

Harris, if you heard the concept Sentient Consciousness what would this do for you, what would it be for you?

Harris: Well that might differentiate between those with minds and things like rocks that don’t have a known consciousness that we’re aware of scientifically.
That’s not an accurate description, is it?

Peter: We were curious to see where you would be. Some of the others of you, what would this be for you, like for Harris?

Voice: What comes to mind for me has to do with what we call human consciousness that humans could relate to as opposed to a consciousness of some trees or animals of various kinds, that’s what comes to mind for me.

Female Voice: For me I’d say consciousness as aware of itself and maybe questioning itself and exploring itself in a conscious way (laughter).

Peter: Yes……

Harris: Isn’t all consciousness by definition sentient?

Peter: This is what we were testing your brain matter on to see what you would do with such a concept; if we were to use it, where would it take you in your thought process? In using concepts without forming the foundation for them, we run the risk of using a concept that may have your brain going off this way when actually we’re going off this way, together; two opposite directions, perhaps two different directions. We were curious to see what such a concept would do with your intellect and how it would take you, etc.

Let us speak of conscious-ness then. In our framework in general, we have said energy “is”. Energy simply is. You are asking for the basic concept, that’s it. Enough said, in actuality. However, human brains sometimes do not connect energy simply “is” day to day. There seems as if there may be some stuff in between those statements, those frames of reference. So, what develops is a look at the stuff in between.

When we say, “energy simply is”, even that statement is limiting to what we are referring. We are categorizing in that statement all that you can think of, know and imagine and then some. Energy simply is. Energy does have to be conscious. Energy does not have to be this; is not that. Words and descriptions are not with meaning when that statement is used. However, we do know some things about the stuff in between that stuff and you. We know that that stuff in between is conscious. We know that that stuff in between is free; has free will. We know lots of things about that stuff in between that may in fact, lead you through your exploration to some notion of what energy simply is. Even in form, even in human form operating in dimensional reality systems; it is still possible to have some feeling for “energy simply is”.

So when we look at consciousness, we are looking at patterns of the stuff between energy simply is and where to find yourselves now. Consciousness, you might think of as, an awareness. To some it is a becoming aware, it is sensory perception, it is cognitive awareness, it is a system of pulling together awarenesses in forming new etc. So you all have notions of consciousness. You all have some basic definitions in your own mind that when you hear the term “consciousness” or “conscious” you have some things to latch on to, some words, some ideas.

When we say “Consciousness 101”, we are beginning to look at not so much these definitions of consciousness but what are the patterns of consciousness? How does it work? How is it between here and here that consciousness is such a player? And, as you will see, if we have time this evening, consciousness is an important understanding for many of the items and ideas that are in your own realm of reality.

If we say, to begin with, about consciousness, “All is conscious, all is conscious”. Consciousness is like a living state; all is alive, all is conscious. So consciousness then is not something separate from energy expanding, energy-free. Consciousness is very much a part of that. We might think of consciousness as the pattern developer. As energy expends, consciousness develops patterns and pathways for what we call experience and that is the basic for the process that we are going to speak about.

Female: Is there a difference between sentience and consciousness, the way you originally asked the question?

Peter: We were hoping to use sentient consciousness as a concept to be a little more all encompassing as going more to perhaps a feelingness as opposed to an awareness which is oftentimes taken to mean intellectual sensory based, etc. The kind of consciousness that we are referring to in its most elementary form would be more sentient in nature. It would be a sensation of feeling and here we are not speaking of emotions. Feeling is a different concept. Perhaps sometime we could do Feeling 101 for those who are interested in exploring that.

Consciousness then, could be described as like the navigator of energy. Like that aspect that takes on the role of wonder and awe-inspired one, “Oh let’s go over there and see, oh let’s go over here and see!”. Consciousness then becomes more what you are perceiving with your senses or the awareness that you are developing from experiences that you may have in your particular metaphor and in your particular belief system. Consciousness then has a character that is important to understand outside and other than these elements of awareness or consciousness.

When you are speaking of your consciousness in your physical form, these words would apply, but remember you are the creator of what you experience. Your experience is also coming from the inner and expressed in the outer. You create. No thing happens to you. All things happen through you so it is in the bringing forth of what you will perceive and then deciding how you will perceive it, all of this is deliberate action in the field of dimensional consciousness.

Just as energy takes on characteristics adapting to where it is in its scheme of things, in its metaphor, in its chosen path, so too, do all the elements that use that use this sentient consciousness. And yes, the cells of your former conscious; the rocks have consciousness, everything, every thing; be it matter or non-matter, has consciousness. As a matter of fact, when we begin to look at the diminishing impact of cause and effect and we look at the two theories; the relativity and the quantum mechanics, the thing that pulls them together is the diminishing impact of cause and effect. How is that accomplished? Through consciousness, though understanding and utilization employing of consciousness. Consciousness was developed and utilized in massive ways in civilizations that you believe to be in your past, but of course, there is no time. So, consciousness is, in a sense, elementary, too many of the things that you will be exploring and doing.

When we say “Consciousness”, we are not merely referring to awareness or sensory perception, cognitive awareness, not even intellectual figuring out ness. We are speaking of a feeling of knowing. That feeling of knowing is not something that is developed. It is something inherent in energy as it begins to expand. So consciousness comes when energy is, moves into that stuff in between energy is and where you are and begins expanding, contracting the free will of the creator and incidentally energy is it’s own creator. All of the things represent a movement through consciousness. Consciousness develops just as energy develops. Consciousness develops just as experience develops; becoming develops, you develop. It would seem that you are moving through something but actually something is moving through you. You are pulling in and then giving out through this pathway of consciousness.

If we were to look at that how you, in your physical form use consciousness in this frame of reference as opposed to its more conventional meaning, we can say some things about that.

First of all, in your physical form, when you reach that point of awareness where you begin to question such things as consciousness, you begin to question such things as “Is there more? How did this happen? Where is it all going?” When these questions begin to arise and you begin to seek out explanations, then you are preparing for a new turn of consciousness as not so much that it gets bigger or better, but a different frame or shape for consciousness. Consciousness then, is not like a substance that you would partake of, it is a part of you. It is a part of you that you use or not use, that you experience or not experience and all of these occurring simultaneously.

When you are creating and you are creating your dimensional reality system or you are creating the Holo-verse, so to speak, as opposed to universe, of your experience in this particular case, you are pulling from within you, you are pulling from the inner world of you and putting into the outer. But do not be confused by direction here. Actually you are everything from your skin out. The body represents the generator. It is like the energy source, the contact point. You are everything outside your skin. So when you, referring to the vastness of you, create, you create with this sentient consciousness. You create with us. Relating ships, we have said is the key to understanding the functioning of things. Relating consciousness is important in understanding differences. Differences in experience , differences in becoming, awareness and differences in what ever.

So consciousness then is a feeling state of knowing that ego-identity has access to , that ego-identity can use and employ, summon and call upon. Ego-identity however usually does not experience, does not perceive outright. In other words, ego-identity pulls inside from probability pulls and creates. In looking at it perceiving the creation, ego-identity often does not; does not see the consciousness the feeling state. Consciousness then, moves in and out, moves in and out as forms change, that is as you abandon the form, you change forms as the air and the water and the rocks and everything changes form, so to does consciousness. It moves in and out. It carries with it, the jewels of your experience. Those gems that you select, not ego-identity, but the essence of you selects to become part of the wave of consciousness that you are riding upon.

This all seems to imply time but remember friends there is no time. This is not about space/time, this is not about moving through space. You will come to know that space/time is again, merely an element of the Holoverse that you have created for yourselves and really is not a player in your experience unless of course you decide to use it as such. When you do, then it becomes a factor, just as air becomes a factor if you decide to breathe air.

Consciousness then, is that feeling state of knowing, that knowing state, that feeling state in its most basic form. You say, “Well how does expanding energy feel and know? What is it about that that feels and knows?” When you think of the universe around o you, think very much of it as alive and having components just as you have components. It is thinking; it is feeling. It is perceiving; it is creating. It is not separate from you, it is, remember, that part of you from skin outward, for all you can know, all you can imagine and then some. This, dear ones is you. This is ego-identity’s playground.

Often times, ego –identity limits itself to one particular spot. Sometimes some of you live in one geographical area, sometimes in one house all of your years in one lifetime. But even if you do that it does not alter the fact that in essence and in truth you are already outside your skin, and then some. Consciousness then, provides guidance, navigation. You say, “How is this?” Your thinking mind, the mind, the intellect, the part of you that thinks, does not have, at its control center all of the aspects of creation. It utilizes a linear way of creating, as it believes itself oftentimes to be linear.

However, there is a knowing part, even of you as an ego-identity. That knowing part recognizes that you are not linear. That in fact, that linear is merely a choice for some experiences that you have opted for. In that knowing the doorways open for consciousness to bring forth the wonder, the possibilities, the new feelings states of knowing upon which new creations come. Your time now seems to be so speeded up for many of you, events and occurrences. In one lifetime, more seems to be happening now than perhaps for centuries before. You say, “Why is that? Is there some anomaly in the flow of time?”

Yet, if you ask the scientist the linear timekeepers, they would say, “Of course not, time is still time. It is still moving in the same way.”

And yet, consciousness, that feeling state, that knowing state seems to be moving at a different pace, it seems to be keeping a different trek of time than time itself. How does that happen? How DOES that happen?

Male voice: Well doesn’t consciousness have its own sort of time to sort things out and not necessarily connected to the agreed upon time everybody uses?

Peter: It could. Ego-identity, certainly could operate its consciousness that way

Male voice: And on other levels isn’t there a form of duration just as an operating tool?

Peter: It could be created that way. Consciousness does not have to have movement and time/space. It can create that if it wishes to. And so far, consciousness has been creating time/space so that all of you seem to be experiencing that particular thing.

Female voice: So the appearance of time speeding up is that a reflection of the expansion in our consciousness?

Peter: Yes, it could well be, could it not? Certainly a change in consciousness; a ripple in the force, a disturbance in the force. Whether or not better or worse, higher or lower, such terms are evaluative and used when placed in the metaphor of consciousness. Consciousness itself does not require metaphor in which to function although it can create that doozey. So when time begins to take on a different stance for ego-identity, one of the areas might explore is consciousness. How is ego-identity tapped into consciousness? The developing consciousness of ego-identity? Even that would provide some insight into a broader-based consciousness. Consciousness is connected. It is not like you are here,, and you are here and consciousness is here. ,
So, that when ego-identity begins to experience difference in its perception, and remember perception is chosen, so when it begins to choose different perceptions, its interesting because consciousness is taking some turns. It might be interesting to explore what consciousness is looking at, focusing upon. Consciousness, your scientists are coming to know, is in fact, very much a player in how your universe is constructed. When the term, the observer” is used by your scientist, what does that mean? Someone who is looking? Looking at sub-atomic particles? Not necessarily. The change occurs when consciousness and energy band together in their cosmic way. Consciousness is energy.

Harris (interrupting): An energy exchange?

Peter: yes, like counterparts, they are like dancing partners. Sometimes they dance back to back; sometimes they dance like this. For those listening on tape, take a moment and describe that. Now, consciousness then and the concept of energy are not separate concepts to be looked at differently, but in fact, they have partnerships, they have relating ships that you notice in the construction of your world. How you choose your probabilities, how you create in your process of moving though possibilities; the beginning of creative process, the feeling state of knowing is consciousness, that element of consciousness.

Now, is consciousness static? Is it one big thing and once you grasp it you have it? What do you think?

Male voice: I think not.

Peter: Excellent answer. You would not be so boring as to construct a universe that way. No fun in that. Consciousness is slippery like the eel. Just when you think you are ready to grab hold of it, it slips away. And the mystery continues. The mystery is not to baffle you but to give you that sense of wonder and awe, which is the feeling state of knowing. That’s why little one’s have it. They know it, until of course; you teach them to move out of that. But they have that sense of wonder, that sense of awe, that feeling state of knowing and from that consciousness and energy are like this, they are relating in their cosmic dance. In that relating, creation, creation, creation.

Let us look at the movement of consciousness. Some people wonder if consciousness evolves. Evolution implies linear and we know that, that would be taking you down a consensual path that would not be accurate for your brilliant mind. So we will not go down that linear path although you may play with it in your spare time if you wish. (laughter)

Consciousness, on the other hand is not confined in this Universe of your or even the Holoverse of yours, which, by the way is Holographic and Universe smushed together.

Male Voice: That’s a reference to a book by Michael Talbot.

Peter: Is it? This one has abandoned the book, you know.

Male Voice: Oh yes, I knew that. I was aware of that.

Peter: He is an interesting spirit, so to speak. So he has learned much more from those days…. (laughter)) at any rate, consciousness is constantly moving, is constantly changing just as energy itself when it leaves, energy is (and leaves is the wrong word but we have no other so) when energy begins its expansion and contraction and creation and free will and the mush of consciousness; all of this then is involved in a changing, moving process which oftentimes, you or your scientists are trying to pattern. What is the pattern of this? If we could just come to a conclusion as to how this things works, we’ll have it snookered. Just as soon as they try to do that, just like the slippery eel, it moves away.

Consciousness is not a substance like the clay that you make into the bust and fire it and it stays that way forever and ever. Consciousness, the very flavor of it, the feeling, the knowing state involves not the static but the moving, the changing and so on. So you contribute to consciousness. Consciousness is not separate from you. You are creatures of energy, consciousness in their dance, how you are having them dance is ego-identity’s contribution to consciousness. You have heard Universal consciousness, Universal Mind, you have heard these terms?

Voices: Yes

Peter: It is an interesting notion that some in form use and have. So that all of your feeling/knowing states, if they were harvested at various times and of course there is no time, the harvesting of feeling/knowing states, the harvesting of consciousness (you might think of that statement, “the harvesting of consciousness”) is something you do, all of you do, it is something that the Universe does. These harvesting of consciousness provides opportunity for this Universal Mind Concept, Universal Consciousness. This notion is like the Big Bank in the sky; deposits and withdrawals. How does this work? It works more for ego-identity perhaps than for other things. Ego-identity is familiar with such bank transactions.

So ego-identity is willing to participate in that particular metaphor of dance. Consciousness also does not have to be metaphorical but it can be. Consciousness is complete and whole in and of itself as an energy form, it is whole and complete of itself, but it may not be. Consciousness then flows and moves, changes, provides to ego-identities, the way you can grasp on to it, provides to you this feeling/knowing state.

Would you say that consciousness has a beginning point and an ending point?

Voices: No. That would imply linear.

Peter: Very good. Very good, yes. Ego-identities often need beginning, middle and end for their own reasons, or at least they have in the past with the diminishing impact of cause and effect, even that will be changing. So the notion of consciousness is rather like the notion of “energy is”. It is. Consciousness is.

Male voice: Quick question. I have, I sort of go back and forth between it sounds like what you are saying is that there is like one consciousness, there’s consciousness that “is” and sometimes it seems like there may be many consciousnesses that ego-identity may have some aspect of consciousness or something. Can you clarify that for me? Is there one consciousness or multiple consciousness?

Peter: Yes and yes. (laughter)
The one consciousness, think of it like the puppeteer. He attends to the one puppet or many string, not just one. So if the little middle person is going to move, one string may be pulled to move a hand, another string to move a leg, etc. Consciousness is complete and whole, utilized however, in dimensional reality or in various reality systems. Consciousness has the strings of consciousness flowing into all of these various arenas. (We use the word “Strings” that you are creating that for it in your physics, etc) This notion of consciousness, isness with the strings of consciousness being acted out (Lucet is telling us). Did any of you see The Abyss? It was a movie. One interesting things was, the tube of water that and in front of it was the face, imagine that you were going to find out where it came from and you began following the tube and you are following and following and following, what do you think you would ultimately come it?

Male voice: The ocean, the ocean.

Peter: Huge, huge water, would you not? So it is like this is a tentacle, a string from a source and in front of it there is the face you see and to talk into and look around and experience and the connection is always to that broader, larger. So yes, and yes. That tube would have one consciousness, developing its feeling/knowing state through its metaphor; it’s choices of perception, its utilization of free will, it’s creation. The next tube of water going off into another area would be doing the same thing. So there could be this variety as well as the complete.

It is an ebb and flown this consciousness. It is not like here is the Big Mama and here are the babies (baby strings). It flows. It is more like this, more like circles and vorteses

Female voice: Convection cells is what I am thinking of when you’re moving your fingers that way.

Peter: Yes, very good. It is not that the system of consciousness is so (inaudible), it is in fact, very much moving in its co-coordinated way.

You say, “Does consciousness have free will?” We ask you, does consciousness have free will?

Harris: It has when it is differentiated and has free will. It’s creation as well as the creator.

Peter: yes, of course, consciousness is not separate from you. Do not think of consciousness is over there and we are over here, remember while it is a concept and we speak of it as if it is whole and complete of itself, it is very much a part of the ebb and flow of energy in the movement of energy through “energy is” through the stuff to where you are, this vast area in between, is not full of separate functioning parts although you can explore separately functioning parts through your creation of and for discussion. It is interesting is it not on an evening in March to discuss such illusions?

Female: It’s the way we set it up, also here with our ego-consciousnesses and the other parts that seem to be separate.

Male voice: It brings to mind another question dropping to the abyss metaphor for a second, where is ego-identity in that structure?

Peter: Where do you think ego-identity would be?

Male voice: Right up there in the face. The perception point; between the woman and the water face.

Peter: All agree?

Female voice: I would say the same, yes.

Peter: Good. Ego-identity is a creature of perception. Ego-identity is much more interested in experience, creating perceptions, than exploring feeling states until of course, ego-identity becomes aware that in face the nature of its perception and its metaphor is influenced by feeling not states and then those ego-identities say “Hmmmm, perhaps we need to take a look at this notion of consciousness”. And that is happening in massive ways on your planet earth right now. For a very short period of years in terms of the way you structure time in your Universe, you are looking very intently at this notion of consciousness. How is it? What is it? And the more you look at it the more you learn you control its creation. So it is an interesting time to be alive.

Perception then, is very important to ego-identity. Which is why ones like Helen Keller are of such interest. Most ego-identities look at that and say, “Why would anyone want to manifest a form in a reality system in which sensory preceptors is it?” That’s not only how you function but it’s the good you get out of it. Ones like this Helen Keller come to let you know that it is not only perception that you do, it is not only that probability that you plunk out there in the Hologram to experience that its all about. Ones like this one come to teach that, to let you know that even if you can’t see, and you can’t hear and you can’t speak and you are limited in many, many ways, this is still a reality system in which functioning occurs. The cycle the ebb and flow of consciousness occurs. The movement from possibility to possibility to probability to reality is a complete cycle. Ego-Identities, even though they prefer to think of mostly perception, “I saw that, I heard this, I know that”, I did that”

The perception, while it is interesting, oftentimes is not the gems of this metaphor of yours that you place into consciousness, when you prepare to abandon this form, which brings us to another interesting point. What happens to consciousness when you abandon this form? If you are everything outside your skin, in terms of consciousness, and the inner form, the physical form is like the generator, the focuser of movement in the metaphor, what occurs when the form is abandoned to consciousness? Does it cease?

Male voice: Yes.

Peter: Correct, what happens?

Male voice: Blends, (inaudible) its not separate, sort of fills in the space where you were.

Peter: That’s an interesting way to say it. Yes. In a sense, it does. You may have considered yourself to be this intellect, this brain. You are much, much more. When you have the realization that you are everything outside your skin and you abandon this form, the form does not go away, its consciousness does not die or end, it is the cycle. The form, the consciousness of the form continues. It continues in its newly emerging way. The same is true with the ego-identity, which is like the self, all of the selves, the aspects, the alternates, the soul, such terms as these are often used. It is the essence of ego-identity that you decide to continue in consciousness and the cycle continues. It ebbs and flows.

In that eye level you have a camera, eye level and the camera is looking at a pond, not a very large pond, but a pond. And the pond is very still, the water is very still on the pond. Imagine that. You can see the light reflecting on the pond and so you know it is a shiny surface. But you do not see the water moving in the pond. Eye level is how you are looking. Imagine now your camera is moving in very, very slow motion. You are looking; you are looking. You are using that sensory called eyesight. You are looking. And you notice the water in the middle of the pond, an indention in the water. And the water seems to move away from that indention in the water and you can see it like rolling away in this very slow motion and then you see it rolling back in and you watch until every movement stops. And once again, looking eye level through the camera at the surface of the pond.

Let us ask you some questions about this. What did you see? Lucet is answering. We will express what she is saying. She saw frozen photographs. She did not see movement. And she is explaining this because she couldn’t see what caused the water to do that. So, it must be a photograph she is seeing. So she is seeing like a still photograph and then another still photograph, etc. What are some of the others of you seeing?

Male voice: Seeing action without a cause, without apparent cause.

Peter: Did you create a pebble perhaps or something hitting the water, did anyone?

Male voice: Yes.

Female voice: No.

Peter: Alas, Harris…….

Harris: I understood the concept and then I said I want cause to go with that effect, so I did.

Peter: Yes, do you see why Harris and Lucet are trying to catch up with the rest of you? For Lucet it was the same thing except she couldn’t figure out how to make the cause so she just made them still photographs.

What could we say about perception, consciousness in that particular scenario? What is the feeling/knowing state of consciousness of ego-identity and what is its state of perception? For each of you, think back on what you did and how you experienced. What do you think the feeling/knowing state was/is and what did ego-identity use from that feeling/knowing state, if anything, in creating the perception you had of what was explained to you? Harris had said his ego-identity utilized the need for cause. He produced a pebble or something falling into the water. So his ego-identity, his perception shows to add to the scenario in that way. What would some of you others have to say?

Harris: But it is important to recognize that my ego-identity knew that that didn’t fit because the ripples didn’t make it all the way to the end of the pond. In the small pond the ripples should have made it all the way and so it was a reject right from the get-go because it folded in upon itself and the ripples came back before they’d even reach the shore to rebound. The perception didn’t match the cause/effect relationship that I established. So that was an interesting process, as well.

Peter: And what was your feeling/knowing state in this process?

Harris: When I reached the point that all the pieces didn’t fit together, then my feeling/knowing state said. “This is as it is and how it is, is how it is and I don’t need to take it any further”. In other words, an acceptance that yeah, that’s possible. It doesn’t the metaphor that I normally live in, band yet its fine and comfortable and okay and lets press on and lets go with it, so I know that’s possible whether its part of my metaphor or not, its basically what I’m saying and it feels comfortable. I can take that feeling/knowing state and move on with that and say okay, so there is a world where ripples in the forest are foreseeable without a cause and without a normal pattern of development.

Peter: Yes. Did all of you notice really what Harris was describing is that when consciousness enters the realm of perception, in other words, when ego-identity is in the business of [perceiving, busy, busy perceiving and allows the notions of consciousness, the feeling/knowing states to enter, consciousness can be an opener of the experience, it can add more probabilities to the pool. It can widen the perspective of the potential perception. It can also narrow that if you choose. Ego-identity could have said to Harris, as he was experiencing this, “No, it must be this way. There is an error in the perception”. He could have called upon consciousness to narrow itself so that it is possible for a laser beam to have gone through the water and not produced the cause and effect that he was looking for.

Consciousness can serve ego-identity as it perceives many ways. It can both broaden probabilities that you create; it can also narrow them, if you want. Any one else have an interesting analysis?

Male voice:: I look at it as though there were missing pieces of perception that I didn’t get. You know that somewhere outside the description of the scene there was something else. You know, there was the cause. But, which was outside the scope of what had been observed.

Female voice: That’s kind of what I was thinking, was…….

Male voice: like it was a trick, you know there’s a way that this could happen. It could still be cause and effect but I just don’t have the whole picture.

Peter: Yes, Some information is missing and if you had it, it would make sense.

Male voice: Yeah, I could find the nice, neat cause and effect. What way to put it into my metaphor.

Female voice: I was just thinking there was something there I don’t understand. I don’t know if it is similar or not.

Peter: Yes, and what did you do with that notion? How did it affect your metaphor, your evolving perception?

Female voice: Well, I wanted it to be a fish or something underneath the water but I knew that wasn’t it. I just kind of left it there like that.

Peter: And it was neutral in feeling to you or was it curious, disturbing or some of those words?

Female voice: More or less neutral. Some curiosity, I guess.

Peter: So you were perceptually speaking, going along with that which was presented and recognizing from feeling/knowing state that perhaps not the whole story was available?

Female voice: Yes.

Male voice: But uh, when I saw that I really didn’t have any sense of wanting to know what it was, it was just very interesting that it was happening and I was just sort of observing. I wasn’t connected with trying to create cause and effect, but was just observing.

Peter: Yes, and what did you observe?

Male voice: Pretty much what was described. Something like an opening in the water which closed again and it was very still so it didn’t match our perception of physics but it didn’t really matter to me, it was more interesting observation.

Peter: Yes, so your feeling/knowing state then, your consciousness was not involved in either broadening or limiting the nature of your perception, would you say? In a case like that, what do you think consciousness is doing, if anything?

Male voice: My sense of it is just observing and letting things be.

Female voice: I was going to say “allowing”.

Peter: Allowing, yes and on an even deeper level, consciousness was in fact generating what you were perceiving. Your own consciousness generating, pulling from within you, you were listening to words, you can say yes. Sounds vibrated on the eardrum and you heard words and from the words you created a picture. Did ego-identity create the picture? Ego-identity utilized past experience, belief systems, Universal inform ation and ego-identity conjured through consciousness, pulling conscious energy out, literally conjured what the experience was. Then ego-identity, in the reflection of that consciousness, being the hologram produced by the words, then the perception, bounced back in a reflected way, and ego-identity then had choice. What is it we’re going to perceive? Ego-identity could have said,” Consciousness is what I perceived. It was energy particles, they were moving, you were describing still and I was perceiving movement, vast movement patterned movement, the water was alive, etc”.

So that perception for ego-identity, is only conditioned upon what ego-identity chooses. How ego-identity chooses to perceive that which it has used to create, which then is reflected back into ego-identity for some times consideration, sometimes for acting upon, depending upon the metaphor. Consciousness then becomes an important player, not only in creation but in perception. It is there. It is present and utilized by ego-identity as well as all the stuff in between. Consciousness is found everywhere. Consciousness is sometimes considered as energy and you may do so if it would make it easier for you. The subtleties of it and the feeling/knowing states of it sometimes are not communicated in the concept of energy because if we say energy simply is, and we place that over here, then if we start referring to energy utilizing the concept again, may be confusing the original concept. If we use the term consciousness and energy dancing together, relating together, and in that play, in that dance, cosmic dance, the flow of energy, the movement, the metaphor for representations, the choice of experience, the choice of dimensionality, all of these choices are made richer and more abundant by this notion of consciousness.

Consciousness expands as energy expands, does consciousness contract?

Harris: yes, a little bit.

Peter: And what makes you say so? It seems logical?

Female voice: Art of the dance

Peter: Art of the dance. Very good. movement, movement. When we say expand and contract, do not take that literally like it can only go in one direction, like this. We are speaking here of movement, a kind of expansive mess and not be analyzed as meaning it is moving out, necessarily and then moving in, but rather that it is moving. It is not necessarily directional. The notion of non-locality is one that you will be hearing more and more of. So consciousness itself is not confined to a location, to a particular way, it is however relating to energy and the dance they are performing, the substance, the sum, the stuff that you are a part of and that you use to create the experience you have, it is all a part of the same thing. It is not that that consciousness in that stuff is bigger than you are, that it is better than you are, that it is higher than you are, you may hear hierarchies of this, etc. Think of it only as different., and different because you choose it to be so. Ego-identity chooses how it will interact and relate to consciousness. Everything you do is with consciousness. That feeling state is the beginning of your creative process. The first stage of possibility is that feeling/knowing state, consciousness.

We are not speaking here of thought. We’re not speaking here of emotion. We are speaking of something much more basic than that, much more, much more basic than that; all our understanding notions of consciousness?

Male voice: yes, the very last thing you said there I started thinking that the consciousness of groups, of people or things sort of in an expansive way, I am just sort of wondering how implied to that and it is composed of lots of consciousnesses.

Peter: Yes. Good thought. It would be a different operation, would it not? Because you would have the free wills interacting. Interesting in that when you think of group consciousness, you usually approach it from the notion of group action or group, the substance that holds the group together what is it they have in common, their commonality, etc. Actually group utilization of consciousness, group consciousness is related to the alignment of perception more often than not. If you have a group of people who are making perception choices that produce for them an opportunity to be in consciousness together and that could be from diverse differences or from very much likenesses, but when perception which is ego-identity’s big focus, big thing, not even the metaphors, the metaphors maybe different, look at the Awakening Tribe, the metaphors are different and yet there is a commonality, a link somewhere in perception from ego-identity’s point of view, that allows the consciousness to develop, to be born of the group.

Consciousness, does it have a form when it comes from a group birthing? It could. It could take form. It could have manifested form. It does not have to. Consciousness can be influential, even not in form.

Harris: I think in this case, because it started out as in our group in a different environment, in a different concept that the birthing process for those who were involved in it almost necessitated an involvement such as that it would take a form itself so that we could rally around something different than the original concept.

Peter: And what do you think the form would be described as?

Harris: Well, very different for each individual within a group, I think we’ve seen that more and more as we move along that some members of the group see it as defined in community and everyone participates and others see it as a loose-knit-group of people who’ve gathered together for their own awakening in a group setting.

Peter: You are looking at outcomes and reasons. We are looking at the dynamics of it. When all come together, what is their perception in common? Could we say The Twelve?

Harris: Well, we could say that but even that is, uh, I suppose since I was the focus initially we probably could say that that’s an expectation, certainly. And there such is the focus.

Peter: When all come together, it might be interesting to ask about perception. What is the dynamics of the perception? Not so much the outcomes and expectation and so on, at least place it in linear. You are looking for the moving perception when there is gathering in groups. Sometimes that perception is grounded in beliefs, similar beliefs; sometimes causes. Sometimes the spirit of a thing will hold a common perception. Once perception is agreed upon, in other words, once a group of people can agree that when they see X it is red and when they see Y it is blue. Once they can have that agreement, they are ready to go, they are all fit and moving.

Each of you individually is a group consciousness. You have aspects, alternates, reincarnationals; you have creations that are staggering in their scope. You are a community, a group consciousness. Your ego-identity, while you may think of it as singular, and at times it may seem to be singular, recognize that you also have the influence and the understanding of group consciousness. When you come together with one other, two or more of you gather, be it two or more of your parts or two or more of you in form come together, you have congregation of consciousness.

What does that mean you have a congregation of consciousness? You have all of that feeling/knowing state. You have all of the energy of that particular dance at your disposal, not only to project into the Holoverse you are creating but also to perceive which is what ego-identity gets off on, perceiving.

Is there anything else you would like to know about consciousness or has this preliminary basic introduction , been sufficient?

Female voice: I have one more question. Regarding expansion and contraction and the only way I can, well not the only way but I’m thinking of it just relating to my personal experiences far as times of feeling exuberant and expansive which would be reflected and interacting with a lot of people, joking, laughing, involved in a lot of activities versus feeling very into myself, not wanting to be involved in activities, not wanting to talk to people, is that a reflection of and expansion and contraction of my consciousness?

Peter: It is certainly a different expression of consciousness. While you may have imagined that the former was the expansion, the latter the contraction that it might in fact, be reversed. Oftentimes when one goes inside, you are around many more potential and probably entities and encounters than when you are out amongst those of you in form.

Play with it both ways. Certainly it is representing to you a different way of dancing with consciousness, is it not? The cooperative use the cooperative application of consciousness often comes in those times. For example, if you are coming from that feeling state of bliss, euphoria, ecstasy, peace, words like that and you are recognizing this, then it could be said that your perception and your conscious awareness, your consciousness are aligning in a particularly interesting way. If you were to look at it in the physical world, the sub-atomic world and the quantum world, etc. it would provide interesting feedback for the alignment of energy particles.

Whereas sometimes one of the baffling things is that this quark loves color, this one has a blue on and yet they are all the same. They have no mass no matter, no energy etc. It is perplexing to look at something that should fall into a certain pathway and does not.

So when you are recognizing that you are in the state of consciousness and you are beginning to perceive in that state of consciousness, you are gearing up your motors, you are creating a pattern of being, creating a pattern of becoming that has such direct impact in a cosmic sense, universal sense that perhaps ego-identity has not even become aware. And that state can come whether you are in your quiet time going inside, whether you are out amongst others, etc.

So the alignment of ego-identities becoming awareness and its reliance upon creating perceptions, when that can align in interesting patterns with consciousness, this feeling/knowing consciousness state, the patterns that you produce are mimicked, so to speak, are generated for all of the Universe so it is very impactual. That is why, words that you use such as “I want peace. I want happiness, etc.” these are not mere words. It is ego- identities approach to putting form around consciousness, that state of feeling/knowing. Ego-identity recognizes the patterns it generates even though in a sub-conscious way. And of course ego-identity not only decided to rely upon reflected perception, reflection of creation in garnering its experience, but ego-identity removed itself even one more step and said, “Lets have a sub-conscious”. (laughter) We can really dabble with it.

Female voice; Self Consciousness 101 (laughter)

Peter: Self Consciousness 101. Everyone can home and be in that sub state. So ego-identities, as you are becoming aware, and all of you are seekers lest you wouldn’t be here spending your time discussing a subject that you already know quite well. As you begin to map out the patterns as you were speaking of Lassiter, sometimes you know that you are not in that peaceful state. Sometimes you know that you are. And that peaceful state is not emotion now. Sometimes peace can feel excited and anxious. Sometimes peace can feel calm and smooth. And sometimes peace can be neutral, somewhere in between.

So it is not the emotion that tells ego-identity when it is aligning with consciousness, it’s the pattern of perception that ego-identity begins to have, such as this movement of time. The fact that so many things are happening so quickly in just a matter of years there has been a complete reversal in the way the world is viewed for example. Spirituality is going through dynamic changes. The nature of perception is on the fast track to Heaven knows where.

So Ego-identity has many clues that there is an interesting possibility, a new set of probabilities on the horizon for operating with this consciousness, this feeling/knowing state, which is not a part from you, it is not separate from you, it is one of your tools of choice. Ego-identity uses this; it has access to this in form ation, if it wishes. When you are in form you have access. Many do not know this.

Harris: Peter, I had a flash a moment ago that when we get totally focused, doing and being ourselves 100 %, our perception, when we allow the perception to be full, sensory based, all of our senses involved, the ones we know about the ones we don’t know about, is an opportunity to really align ego-identity with consciousness because consciousness is here to experience but we get it all together and get all of the senses involved and committed and experiencing, we’re most closely connected to consciousness and yet it doesn’t seem that way when we’re focusing on ego-identity capabilities that the connection would be there.

Peter: We would not say “most” as that is an evaluative term but we would say that you are on to something. Ego-identity has its operators, in dimensional reality. You have your senses; you have beyond the senses which are also developing. You have the inner journeying that you are learning to do and have learned to do. You have many tools and toys at your disposal. When you play the Great Juggler (have you seen one of those circus performers who sticks a stick on his little finger and has a plate twirling around and on this finger another plate is twirling around on another stick and one on his nose and a plate is twirling around and one on his foot and this hand and all these plates are twirling around, ego-identity is just (Harris interrupts “The ultimate in full plates, right”)…and sometimes ego-identity says, “What?” And, crash! And ego-identity sometimes says “I don’t have a plate”.

So ego identities have a challenge in becoming aware of the fact that you have an infinite number of plates and you can juggle them all; you have places on your body you didn’t even know you could juggle from. Ego-identities, as they become aware Harris, you are right. Ego-identity’ s one big great difference is its limitation in sensory perception. Use that to the fullest. When we say you are here to experience the richness of life, we mean just that. When you are not in form, you do not taste the ripe, beautiful strawberries, you do not smell the beautiful smells of a newborn baby, you do not hear the sounds of great music and laughter, you do not see all of the colors and all of the movement of the colors that you do. In form is great, it is, “Yes,” you say, “it is limiting, we want to be energy essence and unlimited, etc”. Yes, you are unlimited already. You take on these tools and toys to dance with consciousness in a way that it us not danced with in other forms.

So there is great beauty in the richness of ego-identity. Ego-identity does not have to do trial and tribulation unless it wants to. We have often been asked, “Must I go through this depression, must I go through these bad times in order to come out wiser on the other end. Only if you believe you must. If you’ve set it up that way, but you can unset it, anytime. Ego-identity has its way and ego-identity is also changing. Many of you are expanding your hearing and your seeing and you are expanding into knowing. When sensory preceptors expand into knowing, then ego-identity emerges with consciousness. This usually occurs when the form is abandoned, but it can happen in the form. You are not bound by rules and laws of how it is done. You are making this up as you go. That’s frightening for some. But, interesting; nonetheless.

Ego-identity, when it uses its ability to live and to be and to do hundred percent who you are, it is beautiful alignment with consciousness. It is beautiful. There is much to be experienced and ego-identity, even in such alignment is not remiss from the experience pull. Ego-identity still has adventures and misadventures, etc., and construct metaphorically, etc. The more you understand about it, the more artisan you become in using your tools and toys. It is like you are all apprentices to yourselves and you are learning how best in your definition of what best is, to be and do who you are in this life and in so doing aligning yourself in a very special pattern- dance with consciousness that is not linear time-related but in the moment of the dance is impacting all of creation, you are the creator, you are the created, you are the cycle complete.

Now, was that enough of an introduction? It is good to contemplate. Is there someway you want to finish off these recordings Harris?

Harris: I can’t think of any. I think your final statement was an excellent summary.

Peter: Very well then, we are enjoying these focus groups. Focus has many meanings, you will come to see. So for all of you here, in form and not in form, for all of you who may, in linear time experience this in a different way, know that you are here also experiencing. We say to you, until we meet again, we wish you well and good evening.

Group: Good evening Peter, thank you.