Dark Canyon Pyramid

A lot of Mind/Body/Spirit focused on Dark Canyon. In June, the Tribe will be traveling to Dark Canyon, Utah, to locate the 4th Pyramid of the Four Corners. Peter says this one is called the Crown Pyramid. In my musings, it is clear that we will be playing with “hidden chambers,” connecting passageways, and capstone location.

To set the stage, I picked up a copy of Louis L’Amour’s classic western, Dark Canyon. Opening to a random page, I could feel the shivers playing with my spine as I began to read…

“…In the days that followed, Riley began his exploration of Dark Canyon. It was a gorge from fifteen hundred to two thousand feet deep, so narrow that for miles the sun never reached the bottom except at noon when it was directly overhead… Much of the canyon bottom was choked with a thick growth of trees and brush, dotted with pools of clear, cold water…Here and there, the pools were fairly deep and were shaded with cottonwood, box elder, ash and ferns. When sunlight touched the higher walls of the canyon it turned to amazing color the sandstone and limestone walls, stained by water, streaked by iron or salt. Only one trail led to the bottom, a dim trail used only be wild animals…”

“Great boulders bulked among the trees; willows leaned over the still, cold pools. There was no sound but the faint trickle of water and the hum of bees…”

“For several miles he worked his way cautiously along the bottom, finally leaving his horse at a small meadow among the trees, where the grass was luxurious and green…”

“Here, in the barren, rocky country of the southeastern corner of Utah was a veritable Eden, a place so lovely and so remote as to be unbelievable. And from above, not a hint of it, so far below.”

Wow! The symbolism leaves me with even more questions. I’m off to commune with my “Muse”… to contemplate the broad scope of what awaits us in June.

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