White Box Ceremony 2011

We will be gathering for our White Box Ceremony in a few days. This is one of those very important times when we can identify and merge “Who-We-Are” and truly connect with the Tribe Awakening! Even if you can’t join us in person, join us in Spirit. Here are some guide-lines for you if you want create your own White Box Ceremony.

Our evening will begin with cleansing the space and summoning. Our Summoning Ceremony includes both the list of the 12 Many Friends and our personal list. Who and What do you want to be with you in Ceremony? The words then are:
We do Honor and Summon__________________
Whether known to us or not known to us,
Whether in form or not in form,
Whether from Past, Future or Present,
We do so Summon.

Continue until you no other words come to fill in the blank. Pause and fill your heart with Appreciation and Love for All who are joining you in Ceremony.

We share our time and selves through Talking Stick. I’ve always thought it would be more accurate to call it Listening Stick because it is time to listen to what is being shared in the sacred space. When all are heard, Talking Stick is placed on the Energy Transmuter (AKA – Altar) created by our placing those objects that hold great mening for us on the Altar…items we take home after Ceremony to connect us across Time and Space.

We pull out of the White Box what we wrote last year and write who,what, and where we are this year. This new paper is placed into the Box. We all touch and empower our lists for the coming year.

Make your statement of Who-You-Are and What-You-Want to support that. Write it down and place it in a sacred place. Then, like a “Time Capsule,” open it next year and notice… simply Notice!

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