Perchance to Dream: the 4th pyramid

I thought I was awake. The feel of the wind on my face was cold. How could I sleep with the wind so cold? While I was trying to figure out where I was and what was happening, I heard the familiar voice of Peter — the one I call Teacher — telling me to put all my effort into “Noticing.”

“OK, I’m noticing,” I told myself. From my position high above the Earth, I could see the lines joining together forming patterns, moving softly and gently, flowing into each other. I could see lines of color morphing one into the other, weaving rhythmically as if the weaving of an especially talented spider. Hey, maybe the Hopi notion that Spider Woman started this whole thing has some mering. Chaos and Order — simultaneously emerging into consciousness and creating … Dance!

“There you have the Matrix of the Magi,” Peter said. “The Earth’s Energy Field is being made known to you — not as a construct, but as the ultimate Feeling Flow! Keep noticing. There is more.”

My attention moved outward and my “noticing” expanded to cosmic levels. I could “See” galaxies moving, pulsating, patterning some kind of rhythmic harmony. “Beautiful,” I heard myself whisper. Then as if on cue from the middle of each cluster of light, streams of “dark” became rivers flowing across space, pulsating, throbbing, and merging just above Earth. As quickly as it had formed, the swirling, spinning “dark” descended toward the surface … toward Dark Canyon.

I sat up trying to slow the shivers going up and down my spine. Wow! An important knowing settled in: This is not your ordinary Pyramid expedition, Kay-Meru-Lucette!

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