Enchanted Rock, 10-19-02

GRANITE ENERGY, TIME TRAVEL AND PARALLEL WORLDS: The 12 Many Friends say, “First of all, we want to tell you of some things about your upcoming trip, your journey to the place of the Magical Granite. It will give you knowings about the flow of this strong energy. The Granite Energy is not only found in rocks by that name, but is used to describe a Field of Energy that is common throughout your world and all the worlds beyond. It is often considered the connecting energy in the Parallel Worlds. It is very strong and sturdy and can withstand what you and your stories would describe as great distances through time and space. Since it has such great strength it is used in many of your stories.

From your history there are many stories told of its magic. It is a place where great dreaming could take place. This “crossing of the worlds” is very easy when you move in the Channels of the Granite Connections. These movements give you abilities to journey into these Parallel Worlds and meet yourselves living there, and others, too. The connecting energies flow….think of them like tunnels, like caves or tunnels, although they are more precision developed than if you think of it as a cave in the wild or a tunnel that you might make with your hands. These tunnels are made with great precision…the precision of great minds. It is not by chance, it is by purpose that these came and are used today.

Those that use these “tunnel travels,” traveling between what we are calling “between worlds,” to parallel places would sometimes appear to be to you (time travelers), or like you but strangers to you. These likenesses and strange-nesses you feel in your “mind level.” When you allow the connections to filter through your body, you come to see that these connections are other side of you. ..other side of YOU.

Granite is the form of substance, the granite energy field is the substance, of the starships. It is the substance of the vehicles in your mind, in your parallel universe(s) traveling, in your dreamscapes, dream states…and, perhaps, even in your manifested reality system at some point. This will become clear to you, too, as you begin to experience the force fields that are automatically present in this place.


Granite at this place is a particularly strong portal. First, let us say this, you have had the assignments of finding the Pyramids (in the Four Corners), and, at your last assignment at the sacred place, Mesa Verde, you constructed the Pyramids going into the sky and going into the earth using as their connecting (shared) base, all of those pyramids that you had found and turned on and connected. What we say to you now is, the Pyramids that you constructed, one going down into the earth and one going up into the sky, formed a great Field of Connection. Pyramids do that. They are Generators of Connectors. These generators are powerful field generators. When you go to this place…this Enchanted Rock, you will feel or get to know that the Pyramid Energy is very real there. It is the generating of the connecting energy with the strength of the granite. This will be felt by you.

It will be a good time to practice some of the DREAMING. What you will be asked to do, among other things, is to hold the dream vision for those who cannot be present at that site and make available to them the connection to the parallel worlds that you will open (we will help you), that you will open while you are there. This opening of the connector points is the next step from finding the Pyramids, turning them on, and setting the field generators going. Next step is in the granite energy, the tunneling of the connector points. You are, in a sense, collapsing space and time, and in another sense, you are opening it up.


Next thing we want to ask of you while you are there, Practice Ceremony. This is good place to practice ceremony. We suspect the challenges of … there will be some challenges. We will not interfere with how you create these to come about. We suggest you make them not too serious, but you may, if you want, make them quite difficult. These challenges will give you a chance to argue with your innate ability to connect. It is good to have these arguments on occasion. You will be equipped, you will go equipped, with some of the tools to use in Touching the Sacred in the Dimensional System, the points where these touch, and dealing with them in the Oneness. When you do this and walk through the connections you take yourself whole, complete, so that you are filling, you are filling the worlds instead of segmenting and compartmentalizing the worlds.

So practicing Ceremony will be important. There will be time to have your “senses” tuned, fine tuned, as the energies there are very powerful. It is a place where many plant and animal friends will be available for you to practice your animal-speak and your plant-speak. This will be good for you to practice this. These ways of speaking will come to you. We will show you. We will help you. And as you are speaking to the animals and the plants in this place, you will develop an understanding of the connections that are there.

Some “Caretakers” or guardian plants or animals stay, to be in the granite energies. And while they are staying in the granite energies they will talk to you and teach you how to work with the energies there.


There are many Vortex areas there. And these will be easy for you to find and to map. And if you stay long enough in the Vortex, any Vortex area there, you may find some interesting things coming to you.

You are familiar with the term Enlightenment? Enlightenment is actually easy to define in terms of your Pineal Gland, the one in your head, back in your head. It is involving light…the bright light of lightening flash and the darkness of no light. It is the holder of both of these in your system. Your universe is constructed with these two dimensions that are present in all things. While you are there we will play with this part in your head so that you can with this strong energy field come to experience the absolute dark and the absolute light that you are capable of. It will give you some “measuring tools” for where you are. This is not to say that your mind won’t make up lots of stories about where you are. That is fine. We are speaking of your body, and it will be immersed in the energy fields there and you will have a chance to experience this in your body manifest.


The waves of the Granite. We are hearing a question about the “waves” of the Energy Field.

The strength of the granite in this particular place is connected to the earth and to the sky in a very particular way. There are many stories told about it. If you listen to the ancient ones or speak the plant-speak or the animal-speak while you are there you will hear many stories of this powerful place and the waves of the granite energy.

Granite is unique. The connections there are very strong. It is the strength not only of the inner core of the place, but also its connections to the sky and the earth. These connections go far beyond that location. While you are there you will also be in South America, you will also be in Antarctica, you will also be in Egypt, you will also be in the Middle East, you will also be in China, you will also be in Iceland. These locations are so connected that not only will you travel to the Parallel Worlds where you exist, you will also travel in this world to those places. It is a doorway to doing and being many things.


…your work there will involve going with an open mind, an open heart, preparing for ceremony while there; (being)open to travel in dreams, to find the tunnels and explore them freely; to practice the vibration, the sound of Granite, to get in tune with it and explore the waves that you find in that way. It will also be a chance for you to experience the dimensions of your system, the light and the dark, the vibration, the sound. Your “Begin Time” stories will talk of the Light and the Dark or the WORD, the vibration. These you will have (available) first-hand, as this place will be to you like primordial seas are to your scientists.

If you want to explore, there is much there to explore. Plus, learning to talk, listen(ing) to the plant-speak and the animal-speak…a new language for you to develop while you are there.

(There will be) the Starships, awakening the Starships, powering them with the Pyramid Power that will lift the Starships…this, of course, is metaphor, unless, of course, it is not… lift the Starships and make connections with the Parallel Worlds.

Yes, your Music is an important part of this…the Soundings. The Music puts together the individual desires into the group desires. If only a couple of you take desire in your heart, it will be very powerfully met by the strength of the Granite. We cannot impress upon you too much, what you take with you to this place is very important.

Then, as group, (there will be) the Ceremony, and practicing the new Ceremonies. Some elements we will give to you to practice in Granite Energy fields


In terms of these days and these times, let us speak briefly. Although we are not here intending to give focus on outcomes of the stories, we can say to you that you are hearing the drums of new ways pounding around you and the sabers being rattled in you world. This you have perhaps taken note of or noticed in some way.

There is still much in connecting the great energies and in employing the vast reaches of the Pyramid to affect and influence and “flow” with and merge with the poundings and the rattlings. Producing a harmonious symphony as opposed to a song that tends to dichotomize or spread apart possibilities of hearing each others music, may be a desire. And when you think of it that way, these are the days when refining yourselves, when nurturing yourselves, healing yourselves, allowing yourselves to grow and experience the LIGHT and the DARK in all its intensities…these are the times when such things can be of great service to you in your work…in your lives…whatever life story you are telling.

The shape of the Pyramid is one of the Sacred Geometric shapes forming the visuals in your world…in your created reality system. This created system uses these forms – not only as visual forms, but you also may know them as Force Fields generating much energy. This “energy generation” is not necessarily random, nor is it good or bad. It is not about that. It is rather the perpetuating of the world, the continuing of the world in whatever way that is. When you connect that to all the Parallel Worlds and you establish ONENESS, it does not mean that you are making everything the same…quite the contrary. You are giving the Freedom, the Free Will to be richly different! And at the same time, you are maintaining your contact, your loving contact, your touch…being in touch with ALL. In so doing, you uncover more and more of the feeling states and the knowing and all of these things that serve you in your work.

There are many rewards not only for those who go to this place, this Enchanted Rock, but to all who are members with you in your world. For when one goes, all go. It is not so much how you accept direction, as it is your willingness to go.

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