Pyramids of the 4 Corners, 2010

Mar 16th, 2010 by Kay

AN ODYSSEY OF SERVICE AND TRANSFORMATION: We were told about Pyramids in the 4 Corners area some 15 years ago. It took us a few years, but eventually the Awakening Tribe began a series of important journeys: Re-Powering and Re-connecting these “marvelous generators”…or so went the description of Peter and the 12 Many Friends.

The first pyramid we traveled to and found was in Chaco Canyon, NM. We explored ruins, imagined stories about those who lived there – the Anasazi, walked powerful ley lines, re-powered the Pyramid we found there, and to this day, are still integrating the newness of “self” that emerged then. On a personal note…I can still hear/feel Frankie’s trumpet and Betsy’s voice echoing off the canyon walls – “Amazing Grace.” Transformative!

For the second pyramid, we traveled to Canyon de Chelly, AZ. And there…near Spider Rock was the object of our search. This one had its base cleared of the dirt and rocks. For those of us needing confirmation, there it was! Two massive sides at the 90 degree angle needed to support a very large … Pyramid! On a personal note…my logical mind does flips when I recall John “Crazy Horse” Johnson’s call to our motel room and his offer to take us into the canyon where tourists are not allowed to go. His question to me was, “Why do you want to go there?” And I heard myself say, “Pray, we want to go there to pray.”

The third pyramid was near Mesa Verde, CO. I remember how crisp and clear the air was as we all walked to the lookout spot, looked out towards “Sleeping Man Mountain,” and began sounding with the “F-Sharp” tone Jillian had brought. We were told there was a land dispute in Utah so we would need to re-power the 4th pyramid (located there) from Mesa Verde. Dutifully, we connected and powered all the pyramids in the area including the energetic ones above and below! On a personal note…the unexcavated ruins beneath Sleeping Man Mountain were alive with impressions for me! I could “feel” the community alive and functioning! And I had to marvel at the synchronicity of our finding it, and gaining permission to cross private land to walk there and explore.

As the 21st century got underway, we felt good about fulfilling the job asked of us by the 12 Many Friends. We had done it all, the pyramids were now functioning again to support mankind as we move toward

2012, and the Great Purification of indigenous prophecies. Heavy sigh…job well done!….or so we thought…

Last year, Peter began talking to us about “Dark – matter and energy” with greater emphasis and more detail than in past years. And why not since most of our reality system is “Dark” (95% or 96%). During the course of those Dialogues, we learned of a Pyramid in Utah – Dark Canyon, specifically known as the Crown Pyramid – which we were being asked to re-power. It seems the Crown refers to the wisdom of the elder women. (“Crown” is the name – not “Crone.”)

So, that’s where we find ourselves today. As Peter said when asked why we are to do this, “You were the ones who sang the last lullaby as sleep descended so who better to sing the Crown awake?”And the world could sure use more of the feminine wisdom of the Wise Women Elders.

This is only a brief look at this adventure. One night, around the campfire at Abajo Haven Ranch in Utah, we’ll have others tell their stories as well. Hope you can join us and create stories of your own.

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